High Altitude Balloon Launched!

The Illinois Space Society’s Pilot Projects Team launched their High Altitude Balloon this past Saturday. The balloon reached an apogee of around 78,000 ft, flying at a speed of around 191 mph. The payload landed in Marysville, OH (~300 miles from launch site).



ISS T-Shirt and Polo Order Forms

We are selling Illinois Space Society Polos! They will be black polos for $25 each and will come in various sizes!They are great to wear at ISS related formal events such as competitions, presentations, and conferences. You should definitely get one if you’re involved in tech projects and are thinking about going to ISS trips in the future! Below is a picture of ISS members wearing them at the Student Launch competition! The link to order them is below.

We are also selling ISS T-Shirts! These shirts can be seen below. The Polo will be $25 and the T-Shirt will be $10.



ISS Polo/T-Shirt Order Form

ISS Polo PayPal Link

ISS T-Shirt PayPal Link


Aerospace Remove Before Flight Tags

The Illinois Space Society will be selling Remove Before Flight Tags with UIUC Aerospace Department on the other side. If you would like one, please find any exec member (I promise we don’t bite). They are 1 for $3.00 and 2 for $5.00! Get them before they run out!


Technical Project Updates

  • The RASC-AL Mars Ice Challenge Team has submitted their project plan!
  • The Student Launch Team is currently working towards CDR and working on building their subscale
  • Space Grant is currently working on their subscale
  • RASC-AL is continuing work on design, working on their proposal due in early January
  • Micro-g will hear if they were accepted into the competition December 8th
  • The Hybrid Engine successfully ignited for the first time (https://youtu.be/gWz4cMK9jgs)