Hello ISS!

We successfully held our first general meeting on Thursday, August 28th, 2014 and the turnout was fantastic!

For those who unfortunately could not attend our meeting, you can find our slides here.

For those who are anxious to apply for Freshman Executive Positions, you can find your application here, due Monday September 1st at 11:59PM.

Just a reminder, please turn in your membership form and $10 to an executive member or Laura Gerhold by the end of September 2014. This is the most important piece of documentation for ISS, because if you do not turn it in, you'll be removed from our email list!

Finally, the technical projects meeting will be held Wednesday, September 3rd at 6PM in Talbot 103. The Ed-Out meeting will be held right after, at 7PM.

Any questions? Concerns? Contact mdeng4@illinois.edu.


Min-Yee Deng

Updated on August 28, 2014

The 2014-2015 Executive Board was elected Wednesday, April 9th:

  • Director Brian Gardas
  • Assistant Director Alexander Case
  • Administrative Director Min-Yee Deng
  • Treasurer Rick Wilhelmi
  • Tech Director Christopher Lorenz
  • Corporate Outreach and Publicity Director Nathan Dye
  • Educational Outreach Director Kelsey White
  • Social Director Jack Fuller

Updated on April 30, 2014

The Illinois Space Day 2014 will be held Saturday, April 5th. Check out our keynote speaker and schedule! Please register soon to ensure that you receive a t-shirt and more during the event!

Updated on March 21, 2014

The 2013-14 Executive Board was elected April 11:

  • Director Tucker Gritton
  • Assistant Director Brian Gardas
  • Administrative Director Kaitlin Vahling
  • Treasurer Alexander Case
  • Tech Director Jason Allen
  • Corporate Outreach and Publicity Director Akash Shah
  • Educational Outreach Director Kelsey White
  • Social Director Sarah Barrett

Updated on May 3, 2013

Hello ISSers!

For those of you who may not know, ISS is hosting the annual Illinois Space Day tomorrow for students and their families to come and learn about space and the space sciences. This year, the event will be hosted in the Digital Computer Lab (DCL) and the schedule is as follows:

10:00 - Welcome [DCL 1320]

10:30 - Exhibits Begin [1st Floor Atrium]

- Exhibits will run in 15 minute increments with 5 minutes in between

11:30 - Lab or College Tour

- Tours will be on a sign-up basis; sign-up sheets will be available at the event

12:00 - Open Lunch Begins

12:40 - Lunch Concludes, Exhibits Resume; Lab or College Tour

2:00 - Keynote Speaker [Scott Altman]

3:00 - Closing

Our keynote speaker, as labelled above, is astronaut Scott Altman who has flown on four space flights, two of which he was the commander tasked with repairing the Hubble Space Telescope. If you have some time, make sure to be in DCL 1320 at 2PM for his speech; it is sure to be exciting!


Brian J. Gardas

Updated on April 13, 2013

Hey everyone!

Quick reminder, elections are tonight at 6pm. True to form, well had to make a room change. We are now in 165 Everitt.

If you are running, be ready to give a 1 minute schpeel about yourself. We will elect the positions one at a time.

Please remember to come vote!

Dan Regan

Updated on April 11, 2013

Come on out for paintball with the AIAA on April 27th! We will be joining forces with the ISS, IRIS, and WIA in Bloomington this year to put down the zombie apocalypse. Sudden Impact Paintball will be providing lunch in addition to all of the necessary paintball supplies for a discounted rate of $25. Please sign up as soon as possible, and make sure that you indicate if you can drive a group there.


Stephanie Camello

Updated on April 11, 2013


Due to the several requests, the deadline to get jackets and quarter zips has been extended until Monday (4/8) at 11:59pm!

Please visit http://aeatillinois.storenvy.com/ to order your apparel now. We will have the apparel ready approximately one week after orders close.

If you wish to pay in cash, please reply to this email with your order (Jacket / Quarter-zip, Color and Size).



Jackets will be embroidered with University of Illinois | Aerospace Engineering; black jackets with white embroidery and gray jackets with black embroidery will be available. Sample men's and women's jackets are available in Laura's office for sizing tests.

Quarter-zips will be charcoal in color, and will be printed on the front, and the back of the collar.

Updated on April 7, 2013

Hey ISS!

This is just a friendly reminder that the deadline to register for ISS exec board elections is TOMORROW NIGHT at MIDNIGHT.

If you would like to run for an Exec position, you must fill out the form HERE. You may apply to as many positions as you'd like, but for each position to which you are applying you must write a paragraph about why you would be a good fit. The form has been configured so that you may alter your response if you change your mind or decide to run for additional positions. The elections will be on 4/11 at 6 PM in 103 Talbot.

I'd love to see as many applicants as possible, so if you are having some reservations about running, snap out of it! The only way for ISS to continue to be an awesome society and get better every year is with YOUR help!


Dan Regan

Updated on April 6, 2013

Hi everyone,

We have our Aerospace Apparel ready for order! There are Aerospace Engineering jackets, and ISS quarter zips available at this link: http://aeatillinois.storenvy.com/

Jackets will be embroidered with University of Illinois | Aerospace Engineering; black jackets with white embroidery and gray jackets with black embroidery will be available. Sample men's and women's jackets are available in Laura's office for sizing tests.

Quarter-zips will be charcoal in color, and will be printed on the front, and the back of the collar.

The portal will remain open until 11:59pm on April 8th. Get your orders in early! These are sold at cost price and are really great to wear at professional, social and casual events!



Updated on April 1, 2013

Hello ISS!

I am pleased to announce the election for the 2013-2014 ISS Exec Board.

If you would like to run for an Exec position, you must fill out the form HERE. You may apply to as many positions as you'd like, but for each position to which you are applying you must write a paragraph about why you would be a good fit. The form has been configured so that you may alter your response if you change your mind or decide to run for additional positions. The form will be closed SUNDAY 4/6 at MIDNIGHT. The elections will be on 4/11 at 6 PM in 103 Talbot.

I look forward to reading your responses.

Dan Regan

Updated on March 31, 2013


Thank you for those who were able to make it out the meeting yesterday. If you missed the meeting, the slides are available on our website now.

An important thing that I encourage you to start thinking about is whether you would like to have an Exec Board position on ISS next year. Having been on the board for the past few years, I can promise you that it will be a very rewarding experience. No two years have ever been the same, and exciting programs are being added to ISS impressive repertoire everyday. Elections will be held on the evening of April 10. More details about the process and positions available will be discussed at our March General Meeting (TBA).

On a lighter note, today is the last day to order barcrawl shirts! Order online through our website or drop an email to Stephanie Camello (camello1@illinois.edu) if you prefer to pay by cash/check.

Have a good weekend.



Updated on February 22, 2013

Hey ISS!

I have a couple of announcements. First of all, the February General Meeting will take place this Thursday at 6 pm in 103 Talbot.
Professor Coverstone will speak, and there will be pizza!

In addition, the spring semester Aero Barcrawl is right around the corner, on March 6th! Even better, T-shirts for the barcrawl will be on sale this week until Friday!
You can see the shirt design HERE and order HERE! Remember, order before the end of the day Friday!


- Dan

Updated on February 18, 2013

Registration for Illinois Space Day 2013 are now open! Please use this page to register for the event and request for t-shirts.

Please email Brian Gardas at gardas2@illinois.edu with any questions

Updated on February 3, 2013

Check out our test launch video!

Updated on January 25, 2013

If you're interested in attending the Goddard Memorial Symposium 2013, please fill out this form as soon as possible. More details will sent via email to all who sign-up.

Please email Akash Shah at aashah4@illinois.edu with any questions

Updated on January 25, 2013

Hey ISSers!

The first general meeting of the semester will take place THIS THURSDAY at 7 pm in 103 Talbot!

AE Professor Marco Panesi will speak, and as always there will be free pizza and pop!


Dan Regan

Updated on January 22, 2013

Hello ISSers!

We will have our next ISS General Meeting THIS THURSDAY at 6 PM in 269 EVERITT.

There will be a guest speaker, ISS updates, and pizza.

I'm excited to see you there!

-Dan Regan

Updated on November 6, 2012

Hello ISSers!

Last nights meeting was a ton of fun, and congrats to Team 1 for winning Jeopardy! (there is no prize for you, sorry.) The slides from the meeting will be posted here.

In case you missed it, the fall trip this year will be to Boulder, Colorado from November 28th to December 2nd. We will go on several tours (Ball Aerospace, SpaceX, Boeing, Lockheed, Sierra Nevada.) If you haven't been to Boulder before, you should know that there will be plenty to do outdoors as well: climbing, hiking, biking, and the like. I am so excited for this trip, and you should be too!

Check out ISS on Facebook and Twitter @IL_SpaceSociety!

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and remember, it is NEVER too late to get involved in Tech, Ed Out, or ANYTHING! Tell your friends!


Updated on October 19, 2012

The second Illinois Space Society meeting is TODAY at 6pm in 103 Talbot!

I want to see everyone there! If you haven't paid your dues, please do so today. We will have updates, watch some awesome videos, and have a MASSIVE SPACE TRIVIA GAME! (oh yes, there will be prizes.)

And we have a big announcement to make tonight! DONT MISS OUT!


Updated on October 17, 2012

Ever wanted to float in space?

Last year, 5 Illinois Space Society members had a chance to float aboard NASA's Weightless Wonder (aka, The Vomit Comet) to test the performance of iPads in microgravity. Currently, astronauts aboard the International Space Station record a great amount of data with paper and pencil, a system which is not only archaic, but expensive (given the added mass of paper, pencils, ink, etc.) The ISS team tested how effectively humans can interface with an iPad by typing, using the GUI, and hand-eye coordination exercises.

This year, a new team will build an experiment to fly in microgravity for NASA's Microgravity University Systems Engineering Educational Discovery (SEED) program. If you are interested in participating, the application to join this team has been posted here. Due to NASA's selective process of choosing teams, and the large number of individuals who have showed interest in this project, the team will need to be exclusive. Please fill out the above application and submit your resume to Dan Regan at regan10@illinois.edu to be eligible.

Due to NASA regulations, all participants must be Nationals. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Please make sure you will be available on this timeline for the project. The due date for applications is this Thursday, and the proposal for the team is due on the 24th. (Flight week will be the last week of July!)

Updated on September 18, 2012

Hello all space enthusiasts!

Thank you for coming to last night's meeting. If you missed it, this email contains all the information you'll need. The most important action item for you right now is to fill out a profile sheet: this ensures that you stay on our listserv and continue to receive important ISS updates. You can turn this form and membership fees to any Exec member or to Laura Gerhold on Talbot 3rd Floor.

Also, if you're a Freshmen and are interested in joining our Exec Board for this year, you need to fill out this application by 9pm on Friday (9/12). We will be having interviews on Saturday starting at 4pm so stay tuned.

We've listed some highlights from yesterday's meeting below. You can find powerpoint slides and all other information from the meeting on our website.

Technical Projects

ISS has a wide array of technical projects that range from high powered rockets and payload, microgravity experiments, and UAVs. No matter where your interests lie, you can learn everything on the job and get involved with actual aerospace and engineering projects. For more information, contact Jason Allen and attend the Tech Meeting on Tuesday, 9/11, at 6pm in Talbot 103.

Educational Outreach

Also, we lead several large initiatives to engage younger students in space-related activities. With Illinois Space Day, Mahomet Science Day and Engineering Open House, we annually reach out to thousands of kids and get them excited about aerospace. For more information, contact Brian Gardas and attend Ed-Out Meeting on Tuesday, 9/11, at 7pm in Talbot 103.

Social Events

Get to know our members outside of classes and meetings! In addition to our barcrawls, space raves and move nights, we host the annual Yuri's Night celebration. Arguably the best party of the year, we rent out a social venue on Green Street and celebrate the anniversary of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. For more information, contact Stephanie Camello.

I cannot stress this enough: GET INVOLVED. I promise you will not regret it. As always, feel free to contact me or any other exec member with questions or comments. To the stars and beyond!

-Dan Regan

Updated on September 12, 2012

If you have an interest in space, want to build rockets, UAV's, float in microgravity, or go to schools and teach kids about space, you need to join the Illinois Space Society. The first meeting will be on Thursday, September 6th at 5pm in 103 Talbot. Don't miss out, there's tons to do, NASA centers to visit, and free pizza at the general meeting!

Updated on September 3, 2012

ISS is currently wrapping up the semester with some Educational Outreach and Technical Projects events, including the start of building the next USLI rocket! Go to the Events Calendar to find out when meetings are!

Recent Events:

The 2012-13 Executive Board was elected April 3:

  • Director Dan Regan
  • Assistant Director Akash Shah
  • Administrative Director Phil Michel
  • Tech Director Jason Allen
  • Public Outreach Director Eric Reisenbuckler
  • Educational Outreach Director Brian Gardas
  • Social Director Stephanie Camello

Illinois Space Day on April 14 was a huge success! Thanks go to everyone who came to the event to learn about space and to the volunteers who helped out!

Two of ISS's Engineering Open House exhibits won awards this year! Tech got first in the Best Original Undergraduate Research category and the Space-Time Simulator got third in the "Back to School" category!

Chambana Banana 2 and "Dana," the rocket for the Great Midwest Space Grant Consortium Rocket Competition launched with other rockets at Thunderstuck in Indiana at the end of March. Both launches were a huge success. Now the "Dana" team will prepare for the competition launch at the end of April, and Chambana Banana will be retired (for now).

ISS sent 19 members to SpaceVision 2011 in Boulder, CO and came back with a Business Competition win for Wahab Alshahin, Eric Anden and Dan Regan. Also, Erik Lopez was elected SEDS-USA Director of Educational Outreach. Quite a successful trip!


Updated on May 2, 2011

The results of the executive board elections were announced at the end of the April 25th general meeting.

The tech team successfully launched the Chambana Banana in Huntsville, AL for the USLI competition!

Our celebration of the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first human journey to space, Yuri's Night, was a huge success!

March 11-12, 2011 was Engineering Open House, and our exhibits definitely got a number of kids intersted in aerospace, so thanks to co-directors Nathan Dostart and Akash Shah and everyone who volunteered for a job well done!

Illinois Space Society won the 2010 SEDS Holiday Contest, after the Tech Project's Mocket was decorated as a Christmas tree!

SpaceVision 2010 was a success! We had students from over 20 different schools and had a blast! Thanks for coming out and participating. There is also a story in the latest issue of SEDS NOVA about what the committee did and how the 2010 conference turned out, starting on page 6, so feel free to read up!

Be sure to check out the Events Calendar to know about meetings, upcoming trips, and other fun events!

Updated on May 2, 2011