There are multiple benefits of becoming an Illinois Space Society member. As a member you can work on whatever technical project you choose, you are eligible to attend any of the conferences/symposiums our organization attends, and you can participate in any social event: BBQ, movie nights, Yuri’s Night, etc. As a member, you also get direct access to our weekly newsletter, which has sign ups for different events and updates on what is happening within the organization. Membership dues are $10 for the whole year and $5 for a semester.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please do the following….

  1. Fill out the membership form
Then you can pay through one of the following three options:
1. Pay $10 to @IllinoisSpaceSociety on Venmo
2. Pay with Paypal below (this is $11 because PayPal charges us a percent for transactions through PayPal)

3. Check out the following list to see cash pickup times for the following week (Pickup will be in computer laboratory on the third floor of Talbot Laboratory)

Membership is due by September 15th