Professional Development

We truly have created a network of space supporters at the University of Illinois. Throughout the year we coordinate a variety of space-related events for our members. Each year we take a weeklong trip to the Wernher Von Braun Memorial Symposium (fall semester) and the Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium (spring semester), both hosted by the American Astronautical Society. We also attend the SEDS SpaceVision conference, as SEDS is our parent organization. All of these opportunities are offered to Illinois Space Society members. These trips are a great way to learn more about the space industry, network with top industry leaders, and get to tour some pretty fantastic places, such as NASA Marshall Space Center, United Launch Alliance, NASA Goddard Space Center, and more.

Along with the opportunity of going on trips, the Illinois Space Society will provide various professional development opportunities throughout the year. These can include resume reviews, intern panels, and more. Look out for newsletters with information and signups for these events.

Wernher Von Braun Memorial Symposium and Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium

Around 12-16 students attend these symposiums and have the opportunity to listen to various speakers from different companies such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA, and United Launch Alliance, just to name a few. Other than just listening, they are able to network with key professionals within the space industry during the meals and socials throughout the week. Pictured above is the ISS group that traveled to the Von Braun Symposium in October 2016. The Robert H. Goddard Symposium will take place in March 2017. Keep an eye out on the newsletter for updates on how to sign up.

2017-18 Location and Dates:

  • Von Braun Symposium: October 24-26, 2017 in Huntsville, AL
  • Goddard Symposium: March 13-15, 2018 in Greenbelt, MD


2017 Wernher Von Braun Symposium ISS Attendees


2016 Wernher Von Braun Symposium ISS Attendees


2017 Robert H. Goddard Memorial Symposium ISS Attendees with Christopher Scolese (NASA Goddard Center Director)

SEDS SpaceVision

Apart from attending the American Astronomical Conferences, the Illinois Space Society also attends the SEDS SpaceVision National Conference. This is a student-run conference, with a majority of the attendees being students from different SEDS chapters from around the United States. Two years ago, the Illinois Space Society participated in the SEDS Satellites Around Mars Competition and ended up placing first. The group of students was honored at SpaceVision 2015. In 2016, the Illinois Space Society won three awards at the SpaceVision 2016 conference. These awards include Chapter of the Year, ISU/WIA Gender Diversity Award, and Educational Outreach Event of the Year for Illinois Space Day. Outside of listening to various panels, students were also able to tour Purdue labs and network with other students and professionals. A picture of last year’s group is shown below.

2017-18 Location and Dates:

  • Orlando, FL (hosted by the University of Central Florida) from November 16-18, 2017


2016 SpaceVision ISS Attendees

ISS Members Displaying 2016 SEDS SpaceVision Awards