Pilot Projects

The High Altitude Balloon project is an effort by ISS students to launch a weather balloon up to about 100,000 feet. This balloon will carry a scientific payload of a suite of sensors, as well as a camera to capture the amazing views from the edge of space. The hope is that this project will help inspire the next generation of space scientists and engineers as they work in a hands-on environment on a project that will reach higher than any other. The latest high altitude balloon was launched December 2016 and it traveled over 300 miles (landing in Marysville, OH), reaching an apogee of 78,000 ft at a velocity of 191mph. Since footage has not been shortened yet, take a look at last year's high altitude balloon footage. This balloon housed data collection equipment, a go pro camera which this footage was taken with, and other miscellaneous payloads. The balloon reached an altitude of approximately 65,000 feet and landed near Sidell, about an hour drive away from the launch site.