NASA Student Launch

NASA Student Launch

Illinois Space Society 2017-18

The 2017-18 ISS NASA Student Launch Team


What is the NASA Student Launch Initiative

2018 NASA Student Launch Competition Handbook

Student Launch is a research-based, competitive, experiential exploration activity. It strives to provide relevant, cost-effective research and development of rocket propulsion systems. This project offers multiple challenges reaching a broad audience of middle and high schools, colleges, and universities across the nation. The Illinois Space Society has been participating in this competition for over 5 years and is excited to be competing again! This year's competition allows teams to chose between 3 payload challenges: Target detection, deployable rover, or landing coordinates via triangulation. The ISS team has decided to pursue the deployable rover. More information on the payload and the vehicle can be found in the design section. You can check out the documentation section to delve into what ISS has constructed for previous year's competition. If you are interested in joining, please see below!

Meet the Team

Vehicle Design

Payload Design

Educational Outreach


Want to join in on all the fun?

Weekly Meeting Time:

Structures & Recovery Team: 

Tuesdays at 7pm in 104 Talbot Lab  

Payload Team:

Mondays at 7pm in 225A Talbot Lab

All Team Meeting:

Thursdays at 6pm in 105 Talbot Lab

*Meetings are not set for Spring 2018. Check back on the week of Jan 15th. Meetings will begin that week.


Who to Contact

Team Manager

Andrew Koehler -

Structures and Recovery Manager

Javier Brown -

Payload Manager

Ryan Noe -

Technical Manager

Connor Latham -