Technical Project Managers

2017-18 Illinois Space Society Technical Director – Connor Latham

connorbiopicConnor Latham is the Illinois Space Society’s Space Grant team lead this year. He is a freshman majoring in Aerospace Engineering because he thinks designing plane or rocket parts as a job would be more interesting than anything else. As a part of the Space Grant team, he is working on a toggleable active drag system for a high power rocket in order to slow its ascent. His other activities include ultimate frisbee, building drones, and watching Black Mirror.

2017-18 Illinois Space Society Technical Managers

The following technical manager positions for the 2017-18 school year are looking to be filled:

  • NASA Student Launch Team Lead
  • NASA Midwest Space Grant High-Power Rocketry Competition Team Lead (Freshman Position)
  • NASA Micro-g NExT Team Lead
  • RASC-AL Team Lead